Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting it done

Had a very productive day in the pottery studio today!! I unloaded the recently fired bisque ware from the kiln, there were a couple of cracks, but all in all a good firing. The chip and dip platter I made for my sister warped, even the back up one warped, boo ... Maybe I'll have my glaze situation worked out by the time I get a good one made.

I trimmed 7 of the pieces I made on Friday, they are my best and largest work so far. One vase (the one on the wheel in the bench pic) still needed some dry time, the base is a little heavy so I'm drying it slowly to prevent cracking.

I was also able to throw 8 pieces today including two lids, my first two lids! A little piece I threw today had a really bland form so I decided it needed a lid to "jazz" it up, never mind that I've never thrown a lid, but it worked out, so I decide to throw another. I'll try and fit them tomorrow, and I have high expectations :)

I made another attempt at the chalice that I'm making for my father's church. It's my best try so far, but I'm not quite there. I thought this would be a simple enough form to master, apparently not. Getting the proportions right has been difficult, and I've broken off several bowls while trying to collar it in. With each try I'm getting better so hopefully the next will be the one.

All this and I managed to get a little real work done in the shop! Hopefully tomorrow is just as productive.

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Almost forgot to mention my lovely new padding for my bench. Duct tape and an old moving blanket makes my buttocks happy :)

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