Friday, August 13, 2010

August Heat Report - "It's HOT"

It has been a really busy few days in the studio/shop/computer room. I have had a lot of 3-D drawing work this week, I finally started a window order I had been waiting on, and I somehow managed to get some work done in the studio.

Here's everything that went into the kiln last night for my second cone 6 firing. It ended up being a pretty full load, but I could have fit a few more mugs. I'm trying a couple of new glazes out, and I'm excited to see the results on Monday. I think some improved glazing techniques will solve some problems I had with the last batch, we'll see.

It's been brutally hot in the studio this week, even firing at night with all of the vent fans blowing I still topped out over 100 degrees. Phew sweaty!

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