Sunday, August 15, 2010

My "new" old kiln and more

This past Friday I bought a new old kiln! I don't need a new kiln so what in the world would make me buy one? Well, I'll tell you what, a darn good price! Since I bought my first kiln I still keep an eye on what is available in my area, I was low on kiln furniture so I figured I could find some and hey who doesn't appreciate a good deal. Well it backfired on me because when I went to a recent estate sale to buy some kiln furniture I ended up buying the kiln also. The kiln is a late 60's L&L K18 econokiln, the same model as my other kiln, just 25 years older. It is in good shape with only a few chips in the brick and a little discoloring on the inside, but I think it'll fire well once I clean it up. Also this kiln has a 3 stage pyrometer which might get moved to the newer kiln.

So along with the kiln I also got a large pile of furniture including 10 shelves, fire brick, drip trays and an abundance of stilts! This is the sort of thing I was looking for, and this stuff alone would have been much more than what I paid for the thing had I bought it new. In addition to this I was forced to take a pile of molds, bisque and greenware, but managed to find some nice tools, and other goodies among the boxes. This little wall plaque was a wonderful kitsch find. I'll share more about this soon.

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