Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smoking sucks, but so does quitting!

Smoking sucks! I started smoking late into my first year of college, my "friend" Josh finally wore me down after some late nights at the studio, and I started smoking, how can you be a serious art student and a non-smoker? Artists are suppose to live life with reckless abandon, and certainly all aspects of ones health should be neglected, but once you've "grown up" you may be left with a handful of bad habits.
Fast forward fourteen years and I'm still a stupid smoker. I know it's awful for my health, especially with my family health history, and I know it's gross and expensive. What I didn't understand is that it's horribly addictive, sure I've been told that, but I figured it didn't apply to me, that I had the will power to quit whenever I wanted, and that it wouldn't compromise MY health. Funny how youth loves ignorance.
I've tried to quit smoking several times, trying gum, patches, pills, lozenges, hypnotism, and cold turkey, all to no avail. Well it's time for another attempt. I'll be locking myself into my studio for the next week, trying to keep my mind focused on work while I fight nicotine withdraw. The reason for the lock in is to keep me away from others, the rage I experience while quitting makes me unfit to be in the company of others. The question is, is there an other side to this? I've heard it takes 3-4 for the worst of the withdraw symptoms to subside so I guess I'll see. I've never made it this far without cheating and eventually coming back full tilt into smoking.
I guess the only thing I can say is wish me luck, I'll need it. The good side to all of this is that I'm hoping to produce some good work this week, there will certainly be no lack of passion, just a question of if I'm able to work through my rage and produce some quality pieces.
One thing that I can't express enough is to never never never start smoking it's the stupidest thing you can do with your face! You will become addicted, it will shorten your life, and it will waste your money. Please take that cigarette money and buy art and pottery, you'll be happy you did.

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  1. Found your site because I am looking into doing ceramics. Funny, but this smoking post really made me want to post. I quit after 20 years old smoking. Anyway, great site. Thanks