Sunday, August 22, 2010

Money well spent?

Hey there folks I promised some more information on my recent estate sale finds from last week, so here it is. Since I've neglected to bring home pictures from my most recent firing I guess I'll have to fill you in on my new pile of "junk".
As I said in my last post I got one hell of a deal at an estate sale. 1960's kiln, pile of molds and greenware (mostly horrible kitsch crap), a lot of kiln furniture, some tools, and everything else a slipware artist from the 60's would need. I was only looking for kiln furniture, but I was forced into an all or nothing situation, and ended up with the all. I love going through piles of this stuff, there's usually some worthwhile tidbits if you have the time to dig through it all, and if not I still enjoy thinking about the time and effort someone put into their hobby. It's interesting how mainstream of a hobby ceramics use to be, entertainment now has been reduced to idle activities such as television, and most people no longer have a desire to create. Well, their loss is my gain, because I was able to buy all of this for $100!!!! Even if I never use this kiln I'll be able to sell it for at least $200 once I clean it up and test it, so I guess it was a good deal. Now I just have to learn to stop going to these sales or I won't have any room left in my shop to work.
You'll have to wait until next weekend to get pics of my recent work, so please stay tuned!

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