Thursday, February 16, 2012


Mugs... here a few of my latest mugs, by latest I mean Nov/Dec 2011 but in my attempt to blog more often I'm slowly sharing my work from the end of last year while I wait for the warmth to return.

These two mugs were given to my brother and sister in laws for Christmas. FireBrick interior and handle with a Horizon exterior on brown speckled clay. Certainly a favorite glaze combination of mine, and I like the sloppy application on the handles.

These mugs were my clay gift to Keli and I for Christmas this year, we only keep the nice seconds through the year, but I like to gift us some firsts at least once in awhile. FireBrick interior with some Blue1 dip, the exterior is red iron oxide wash under Blue1 and MidnightBlue on brown speckled clay .

My mugs have gotten much better, the size shape and thickness is working well and my handles are more comfortable. Pulling handles is still a pain for me but I finally have some acceptable results. Sarah Culbreth of Tater Knob pottery told me that I would have to pull 100 handles before I had 1 good one, well her number might be low because good is a strong word. I'm happy to have reached "ok".

signed and numbered

I didn't make as many pots in 2011 as I did in 2010, which is a bad trend, but I did make much better pots.

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